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The mission of Fire Police Officers is to;
1. Preform Traffic Control
2. To preform Crowd Control
3. Maintain perimeter control
4. To secure evidence

Fire Police in Saratoga County are certified Peace Officers when activated by the local Fire Chief

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Our officers and Board of Directors


John Rucinski joined the fire service in 1969. He is currently a Fire Police Officer with Wilton FD

1st Vice President/Training Officer

Tim Scrom  joined the fire service in 1972. He currently serves with the Arvin Hart FC

2nd Vice President/Parlimentarian

AJ Cunningham  joined the fire service


Stan Delong joined the fire service in XXXX and is currently a member of Balston Spa FD


Pricilla Winslow  joined the fire service xxxx and is currently a member of.

Board of Directors

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